Famegirls Monica Video 50
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Famegirls Monica Video 50

Famegirls Monica Video 50

I don't know about the rest of you, but all the pussy rubbing she does in this video is amazing. Especially the part (which you can see above) where she has her ass (the sweetest fucking ass) near a tree with her panties pulled down to her thighs. Sexy as hell. The panties themselves are a bit see-through which we can see when she's on her back with her legs spread, but it really doesn't matter how see-through they are since she shows her pussy anyways. Not as much as pussy as we're used to seeing, but all the rubbing she does makes up for it. I just can't wait for the day until she slides a finger in. Wouldn't that be awesome? We'd get to see soft penetration, and maybe see her get a bit wet. We have seen a bit of wetness before though I'm not sure if it was artificial or not. Meaning that maybe they added some type of liquid to simulate being aroused. Not sure, don't care, I wanna see it.

This latest review is dedicated to my best friend xsnred.

30 Second Sample: Famegirls Monica Video 50

Monica's Next Video:

Famegirls Monica Video 51

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Famegirls Monica Set 52
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Famegirls Monica Set 52

Famegirls Monica Set 52

That ass...

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Monica Set 52

Monica's Next Set:

Famegirls Monica Set 53

That ass...

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Clearing The Air
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Let me clear up a few things here.

Yes, the majority of posts on this blog is about Famegirls. The reason for that is because I've stuck with that site month to month. If I made enough money I probably would have stuck with other sites month to month as well and this blog would have had a lot more content to it. Since I have direct contact with the owner and model of EroCats, it's another site that I can stick with for as long as it remains active.

Second, this is not Vlad's site. The old Fame-Girls site had no affiliate program. From what I could find back in the day, the ONLY sites that showed FG content were sites giving away the sets for free. As far as I know, I was the only site that was giving legit reviews and samples only, supporting Fame-Girls. That's the only reason Vlad and I talked. When he made the new site, he saw WMI News as a way to promote his new site and get signups. Just like him giving me insider information was a way to get more readers for the blog. It was a mutual win win for us both. Was it ever said that WMI News would be FG content only? No. It just happened to be the only content that I consistently had.

As for FG being next to more explicit content, why is no one complaining about Web Models Index? All the samples from FG are posted on that site and have a lot more explicit content than EroCats. Yet no one has ever complained about it.

There is also no reason for Vlad to cancel me as an affiliate. I'm sure there are plenty of other sites out there that is promoting his site and is promoting other sites as well. Why would mine be considered any different? Besides, Vlad has his own video chat timer now on FG, as well as his own forum. He doesn't need me anymore.

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Famegirls Audrey Video 15
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Famegirls Audrey Video 15

Famegirls Audrey Video 15

Lovely video.

30 Second Sample: Famegirls Audrey Video 15

Audrey's Next Video:

Famegirls Audrey Video 17

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Ads on Web Models Index
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I've removed the image ads on Web Models Index. However, the mobile redirect and popunder (only once every 24 hours) will remain. So if you want to (you don't have to), please white list the site with your Ad Blocking software. When you go to the site with it white listed, clicking on the site will cause a single popunder. Once that happens, it won't happen again for a full 24 hours. You also will see no image ads in the sidebar. So basically, it will be just like viewing the site with your ad blocking software enabled. Disabling it though will greatly help out the site in paying the server bills. Thank you!


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Famegirls Audrey Set 15
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Famegirls Audrey Set 15

Famegirls Audrey Set 15

The image above, without a doubt, is my favorite image in this set. Well, that one and image 70, but I like the one above more. I'm still amazed how photogenic this girl is. It seems as though she was born to do this. Not pose naked of course, but smiling for a camera, and a great smile indeed.  I think that's one of the traits that I like most about Audrey, the way her smile can light up a room. It's been dark, cold and wet in Southern California lately, though this set really brightens my day.

The thing I didn't like about this set was... well, nothing really. Her panties were sexy, and I really liked the summer dress she's wearing. We all know I have a thing for panties and if I had to choose another type of clothing that gets me going, it would be summer dresses. Tight on top, loose on the bottom with a high waist. I probably would have gone with a different print and a lighter color, but that's just me. It is the Christmas season, and that print is sort of Christmasy so I don't mind too much.

I also want to point out that she shows a bit more of the pink bits between her legs. One from her pulling her panties down too far from the front, a bit of a side view once her panties were off and she used them to cover up a bit, and a few from behind. Since this is the first that where she shows more than usual, I can't supply those images for the preview. Sorry!

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Audrey Set 15

Audrey's Next Set:

Famegirls Audrey Set 17

Strange that a set preview would be set up like a video preview. Can't complain though because it's basically 4 previews instead of just 1 :P

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Famegirls Ella Video 62
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Famegirls Ella Video 62

Famegirls Ella Video 62

I do quite love the playfulness of Ella. I still didn't like the blue, but thank goodness it wasn't on very long. If I were to ignore the dress, then I loved this video.

30 Second Sample: Famegirls Ella Video 62

Ella's Next Video:

Famegirls Ella Video 63

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From Rina of EroCats
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From Rina of EroCats

From Rina:

Hello Guys,

Here are some news from my site:
  1. Today the new photo set and video was published. All subscribers are welcome to provide me a feedback if you like such shower sets!?
  2. I reduced the join price and made a Christmas discount!
  3. If anyone is interested to support me as new model in this business then I would be more than happy. And if today 5 people join from this blog then I would publish today another one additional set. Here are previews:

IMG_6061 IMG_6096

Drop your joins here so that all see how much we have.

Thanks and wish all Merry Christmas and good time with your families and friends!

From WMI:

Christmas discount price to join EroCats right now is $14.95 with rebill price at the same. Normal price is $19.95 at $14.95 rebill. It's the Christmas season, so show your love of this blog and help out a fellow blog member by joining her site. She's active here on the site, talks with you guys, and listens to everything you guys say. She runs EroCats all on her own, so if you have suggestions for photosets or videos, she's open to suggestions. Want to see her wear something specific? Want to see more of her feet (looking at you toesucker)? Let her know!

The samples above were reduced in size. In the members area, photos are 2000x3000 (clear detail) in size, and videos are full HD at 1920x1080 (so far, 8mins to 13mins in length).

And since it is the Christmas season (I already have a membership so I can't buy a new one), I'm happy to announce that starting from her next release, I'll be giving reviews of Rina's sets and videos, just like I do for Famegirls.

Visit EroCats Today

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Famegirls Ella Set 98
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Famegirls Ella Set 98

Famegirls Ella Set 98

The latest set from Ella is a lovely set. The room and room design is simple, but it worked. Her dress and panties were sexy, but honestly, I didn't like the blue. I like pale colors over the darker ones (Except black. Black is okay). Like if her dress was white, and she had on pink panties or something, I would have liked it a lot more. Regardless, we got some nice panty teasing and great posing.

20 Image Preview: Famegirls Ella Set 98

Ella's Next Set:

Famegirls Ella Set 99

See? Light colors. If her bed cover was the same color as her dress in today's set, it wouldn't have worked as well.

I also have a special announcement coming shortly after this blog post, so stay tuned.

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Famegirls Monica Video 49
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Famegirls Monica Video 49

Famegirls Monica Video 49

Well, that was definitely epic. I don't think I've been turned on as much from a Famegirl video until this latest one from Monica.

There was some speculation that Monica had inserted a finger in the set yesterday, but I don't think that's the case. I have no doubt that she's willing to, but I don't know if Vlad is willing to take things that far just yet, if ever. If it does ever reach that point in Famegirls, I'm pretty sure that it would be Monica that would do it first. In any case, all the touching she did in the set as well as the video was pretty damn erotic. I especially liked the video within a video feature that Vlad added to this one. Multiple perspectives is always nice.

Overall, a damn fine video. The set yesterday was always great.

30 Second Sample: Famegirls Monica Video 49

Monica's Next Video:

Famegirls Monica Video 50

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